Murraya Paniculata – Orange Jessamine

Murraya Paniculata – Orange Jessamine

Murraya paniculata, normally called Orange Jessamine, is an evergreen plant producing small, white, perfumed flowers. Commonly grown as a decorative hedge or small tree. Murraya is intimately associated to Citrus, as well as bears minute red to orange fruit like kumquats, although some cultivars don’t set fruit.

Height: Grows up to 4 meter tall

Uses: Murraya makes a brilliant hedge, becoming a small tree up to 4m tall or it could be clipped into formal forms. Attractive glossy foliage and heavily scented flowers.

Planting tips: Plant the Murraya paniculata within a container through drainage hole. Keep it in partial shaded area through to full sun.

Soil type: The plant isn’t selective about the soil conditions. Will grow well in sand, clay, acidic or loamy soil. However, the only necessity is well drained soil, thus the roots do not stay wet.

Pruning: Prune the plant down to 2 or 3 trunks for keeping a treelike shape if you do not wish the orange jasmine to cultivate as a bush with a wide extend.

Feeding: Feed the shrub with balanced and water soluble manure one time during spring and incorporates compost with the soil.

Water requirement: Water the tree once a week. However during summer it might require more watering.

Pests and problem: White flies can attack this plant.

Climate: Most Australian regions suit this plant.


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