Michelia Figo – Commonly Known as Banana Shrub

Michelia Figo – Port Wine Magnolia

Michelia figo is commonly known as Banana Shrub or Port Wine Magnolia, which belongs from Magnoliaceae family. This plant is scientifically known as Michelia Figo includes sweet banana/port wine scented white flowers. Scent of this flower spread in the large area through out the spring and summer. This evergreen wooden plant is loaded with multiple stems and forms a nice tall hedge.

Height: Three meter after 10 years

Uses: Michelia figo is mostly famous for its sweet and strong scent that will spread through the air. This plant mostly used in landscape use within entertaining areas to appreciate the strong scent.

Planting Tips: Michelia figo plant requires excellent soil and sun light for quick growth and production.

Soil type:  Rich soil with well drainage land is suitable for this plant growth. However, this plant requires special care and maintenance while planting within pots.

Aspect: Full sun light or Shade sun light helps this plant in quality and healthy growth.

Pruning: During season change this plant need special care. In winter this plant glow in indoor area more easily than outside as per cold tolerance capacity.

Water requirement: This plant doesn’t require watering in daily basis but little moisture helps in its proper growth and feeding.

Feeding: Less sun light and plenty of watering cause more problems for this plant.

Climate: Sub-tropical regions of Australia suitable for this plant growth.


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