Metrosideros Thomasii – NZ Christmas Tree

Metrosideros Thomasii – New Zealand Christmas Bush

Metrosideros thomasii looks really attractive, and this is also considered as a hardy as well as medium size plant that comprises of silver color leaves which remain evergreen. During late autumn and summer the flowers of this plant use to appear.

Height: It can grow up to four meter in height and two meter is width.

Uses: It can be used as the specimen tree or you can use this plant as the hedge. This is a perfect plant to be added for your planting area.

Planting tips: For the plantation of this plant, well-drained soil is required. It grows best at the coastal regions of Australia.

Soil type: Well drained soil type is just perfect for the growth of this plant. It can grow on this type of soil with a great approach. Due to this reason, the coastal regions are best for this plant to grow. It also grows in moist soil.

Aspect: This is an ever green plant and its flowers look just like the red pompom. It is ideal as the hedge. It is also a salt tolerant plant. It also has the open position when the sun is in full shape.

Pruning:  Pruning and shaping of this plant can be done after the spring time or after the flowering in summer.

Water requirement: As this plant requires well drained soil, it doesn’t require much watering for the growth.

Feeding: It may needs feeding during the pruning time.

Pests and problems: Sooty mold and mealy bugs can affect this plant in wet areas.

Climate:  Coastal conditions, excellent tolerance against the salt-laden wind. Australia wide.