Malus domestica – Apple Tree

Malus domestica – Apple Tree

apple tree

Apple Trees are a deciduous fruit tree best suited to cooler climates, however nowadays there are many varieties that can handle a warmer climate, as well as hybrids that can be trained to grow to only 2m high.

Height:  Up to 8m high

Uses: An attractive deciduous tree producing delicious fruit.

Planting: Well drained and moist soil conditions with sufficient water and sun.

Soil type: Moist with well drained soil and compost is recommended for excellent growth.

Aspect:  Prefers cool climates and full sun.

Pruning: To reduce height and keep tree manageable.

Water requirement: Water well to establish..

Feeding: Feed in early spring to encourage growth.

Pests and problems: Beware of aphids and fruit fly.

Climate: Cooler climates.


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