Lomandra ‘Tanika’ – Basket Grass or Spiny-head Mat-rush

Lomandra ‘Tanika’ – Basket Grass or Spiny-head Mat-rush

Lomandra ‘Tanika’ is proven itself as most reliable and popular landscaping plant in Australia. This evergreen plant is commonly known as Basket Grass or Spiny-head Mat-rush. This is a low maintenance plant boosts compact and healthy leaf form and small attractive yellow flowers within April to October. This is also soft and attractive plant, which makes it popular choice for gardeners and professional landscape to decorate both personal and commercial settings. Lomandra ‘Tanika’ is staying evergreen throughout the year with perfect care and soil condition. Dwarf hybrid of Lomandra longifolia.

Height: 50-60cm and Width: 65cm

Uses: Excellent and most popular options for landscaping works and decoration. Also, this plant is used in borders, mass planting and specimen planting.

Planting tips:  Large open space with proper light and moist is considered as most suitable zone for this planting.

Soil type: This plant needs sandy, clay, sandy loam and well drained soil is generally considered as suitable for this plant growth.

Aspect: Full sun or moderate shade suits this plant for quick and healthy growth.

Pruning: This plant is required low maintenance, so less use of fertiliser in growing seasons helps this plant for smooth growth.

Water requirement: Water is more essential until established. After that, medium water as per requirement

Feeding: Small amount of fertiliser is required for this plant for complete and healthy establishment.

Pests and problems: No problems arise for this plant.

Climate: Many parts of Australia suits for Lomandra ‘Tanika’ in different landscaping and decoration works.