Livistona Australis – Cabbage-Tree Palm

Livistona Australis – Cabbage-Tree Palm

The Livistona australis also known as the Cabbage-tree Palm is a tall, slim palm growing up-to twenty five meter height and 0.3 meter in diameter. It’s crowned with dark, shiny green leaves over petioles two meter long. It produces leaves like a fan and the cabbage of the tree is tiny but sweet. And in summer months it grows flower prickles with stems of creamed white flower.

Height: Grows up to 25 meters in height and 0.3 meter in diameter

Uses: The leaves of this tree are used as roof thatch as well as foe weaving basket. It has also edible uses.

Planting tips: It should be planted in a semi shade or no shade area

Soil type: sandy, loamy and clay soils are suitable for this plant growth. Acid, neutral and basic soils are suitable for it. Most of the time, it favors moist or dry soil.

Pruning: These plants should be pruned by any expert since they have proper idea about how and when to prune this sort of plant. Proper pruning tools also need to be used while looking to prune this plant in the best possible manner.

Water requirement: This plant require good amount of water for a healthy growth.

Pests and problems: This kind of plant is extremely pest resistant. However some type of pests and diseases might affect the plant’s growth. In this regard, you should use recommended pest controls and fertilizers for the best possible result.

Climate: Most of the Australian regions suit this plant growth


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