Liriope ‘Evergreen Giant’ – Evergreen Giant

Liriope ‘Evergreen Giant’ – Evergreen Giant

Liriope ‘Evergreen Giant’ is a small but attractive and beautiful landscaping plant, which commonly knows as Evergreen Giant and botanically Liriope Muscari Evergreen Giant. This is an evergreen grass type with purple spikes during summer and autumn by deep blue berries. This plant can remain evergreen and attractive throughout year with little care and feeding. This is an herbaceous, perennial and ornamental grass kind of plant belongs from Liliaceae family. This is also cold tolerant and grown well in any kinds of climates.

Height: 60 cm and Spread: 40 cm

Uses: This plant is mostly used in groupings and mass plantings in landscaping works.

Planting tips: All around the year is generally considered as the planting seasons of this plant by preparing good soil and feeding.

Soil type: This kind of plant can grow well in different kinds of soils include alkaline, sand, clay, loam and acidic as well.

Aspect: Full sun, part sun and shade

Pruning: Trim back once in a year during spring before growth season and because it helps this plant to stay healthy and active.

Water requirement: Low, however regular watering is beneficial for keeping this plant lush.

Feeding: Liriope responds better to slow release fertiliser during spring. However, low maintenance is required after establishment.

Pests and problems:  No diseases considered major issue for this plant.

Climate: Australia wide.


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