Lavandula Dentata – French Lavender

Lavandula Dentata – French Lavender

Lavandula Dentata is one kind of species of purple lavender. This plant is commonly known as French lavender and native to the Atlantic islands, the Arabian Peninsula and the Mediterranean. This plant is mostly used as décor purpose as well as its essential oil used in perfumes. This beautiful and evergreen plant is belonging from the Lamiaceae family and it includes attractive colors flower in summer. Lavandula dentate is also having a long and memorable history behind it.

Height: 1 feet to 3 feet and Width: 1 feet to 4 feet

Uses: Essential oil of this plant is commonly used as perfumes, medicinal and soil erosion control. In landscaping work this plant is also used.

Planting tips: This plant also prefers dry condition for comfortable growth. However, this plant grows well in most type of soil conditions including proper care and maintenance.

Soil type: it requires well drained but saturated soil is never suitable for this plant growth.

Aspects: Full sun area

Pruning: Pruning is also essential for this plant to keep healthy and problems free

Water requirement: Regular watering is helpful for this plant for comfortable growth. So, you must keep this plant root area moist but well drained

Feeding: Feed with small amount of the fertilizer before blooming helps this plant for flower better.

Pests and problems: Huge amount of water cause more problems for this plant and cause major damage as well.  

Climate:  Lavandula dentata plants are suitable for most parts of Australia


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