Laurus nobilis – Edible Bay Tree

Laurus nobilis – Edible Bay Tree

Laurus nobilis is an evergreen plant growing twelve meter by ten meter at a slow steady rate. The plant produces spicy bay leaves utilised in cookery. Ancient Romans and Greeks utilised leaves of the plant to crown their victor. It is also known as Bay Laurel.

Height: Up to 10m tall

Uses: Grown mainly for its edible leaves for cooking. This plant also has many medicinal properties. It is also used as condiment, tea, hedge, wood, repellent, stewing, and much more.

Planting tips: Don’t plant them in extreme salt areas.

Soil type: Suitable for heavy, medium and light soils and prefer well drained soil. Suitable basic and neutral soil and grow well in no shade or semi shade. However, it prefers mostly moist or dry soil. You should always keep in mind that though the plan could tolerate strong winds but it can’t tolerate heavy salt exposure.

Pruning: Prune to keep to a reasonable size.

Water requirements: It requires water regularly but sparingly throughout the growing season. However you should not over water it.

Pest and problems: Common Laurus nobilis problems comprise thrips, laurel psyllid and scale. Often pets attack foliage, causing ugly holes as well as notches within the leaves. Thrips and scale can be treated by insecticidal soap or horticultural oil

Climate: Australia wide


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