Lagerstroemia Indian Summer Range – Crepe Myrtle

Lagerstroemia Indian Summer Range – Crepe Myrtle

Lagerstroemia Indian – Crepe Myrtle Summer Range is one of the most exciting cultivars of Crepe Myrtle including superb white flowers and exfoliating bark. It is also offering large production and dramatic flower displays in suitable climatic condition. This small tree is a perfect option for small garden, park and driveways as a decorative feature tree.

Height: Height: 3 m and Width: 1-1.5 m.

Uses: Feature small tree, Street tree, specimen as well as screen planting.

Planting tips:  Can be planted all year especially in the cooler months when available as a bare root tree

Soil type: Lagerstroemia Indian Summer Range is also required good climatic condition and soil for ideal growth and productions. Drained soil includes heavily loam and slightly elevated.

Aspect: Best in full sun

Pruning:  Lagerstroemia Indian Summer Range can be heavily pruned in winter climate to encourage the growth of long arching branches and flowers. Regular pruning can make this plant ugly, so its needs natural growth to look beautiful and attractive.

Water requirement: Lagerstroemia Indian Summer Range require good amounts of water in summer and hot climatic conditions. But excess watering can create problems.

Feeding: This kind of plant never requires additional feeding for growth apart from proper care and watering as per its requirement.

Climate: Lagerstroemia Indian Summer Range grows well in most of parts of Australia especially within a warm and sheltered microclimate is considered suitable for it. This plant also has good cold tolerance capacity.


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