Kniphofia SSP – Red Hot Poker

Kniphofia SSP – Red Hot Poker

Kniphofia ssp is a big species of plants within the Asphodelaceae family which’re rhizomatous or have plump roots. They’re from Yemen, Madagascar and Africa. Most of the genuses are from Africa, particularly South Africa as well as several of the renowned cultivars derived from South Africa genus. The common name regarding these shrubs is red hot poker or poker due to their spikes which’re most of the time orange-red or red.

Height: It can grow up to a height of forty centimeters and a width of thirty centimeters.

Uses: Kniphofia ssp makes an excellent display in the garden and its flowers last for long time. The ostentatious bright colored flowers are great for incorporating a spatter of color to a region t\what makes a bold statement. Also the plant could be utilized at the behind of a combined flower boundary; the winter flowering diversities are especially useful in offering displays of colors throughout the dry winter months.

Planting tips: Kniphofia ssp performs really well in rich soil placed in an open sunny or partial shade place. Most of the species demand plenty of water throughout the growing season if they’re to thrive as well as flower well. Also they need to be fertilized throughout their active growing time.

Soil type: It requires rich and well drained soil for better growth

Pruning: Old flower stems could be cut down following flowering.

Water requirement: They demand regular watering all through the summer

Pests and problems: These plants are usually pests and disease free however they can be attacked by snails or slugs sometime.

Climate:  Australia Wide


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