Juniperus Conferta – Shore Juniper

Juniperus Conferta – Shore Juniper

Juniperus conferta is an outstanding and low care evergreen ground cover plant mostly used in landscaping and decorative works. This plant is commonly known as shore juniper, which is one kind of species of juniper and native to Japan well grown in sand dunes area. This kind of plant is belongs from Cupressaceae family include Fragrant and evergreen leaves and Showy Fruit. This plant is most favorite species of wildlife and attracts birds towards it in blooming season. This ornamental plant now appears in most parts of world.

Height: 20-50cm high, 1-2m wide

Uses:  This kind of plant is mostly used in landscaping works which allow hanging over walls, roadside planting, seaside plantings, groundcover, erosion control, planters and mass plantings.

Planting tips: Juniperus conferta is grown well in sandy soil with dry location. Suitable area included Rock gardens, Foundations, Slopes, Mass plantings and coastal locations.

Soil type: Well grown in light and good drained soils with salt tolerant quality likes seaside planting and decor is suitable for this plant.

Aspect: Full sun light is essential for fast growth for this ground cover plant.

Pruning: This is a low maintenance plant growing well with little care.

Water requirement: Low-medium water is required.

Feeding: Slow release of fertiliser once in a year helps this plant

Pests and problems: Fungal attack is one of the major causes for this plant.

Climate: Coastal regions of Australia.


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