Jacaranda mimosifolia – Blue Jacaranda

Jacaranda mimosifolia – Blue Jacaranda

Jacaranda mimosifolia is considered a sub tropical tree local to South-America has been extensively planted in other regions because of its wonderful long lasting blue flowers. It’s also called as Black Poui, Blue Jacaranda, or Jacaranda.

Height: 5 to 10 m tall

Uses: Its prime worth in the landscape is an ornamental tree extensively grown in city areas the world over. It can be used as a decorative plant in the garden as it has beautiful flowers and gently arching branches.

Planting tips: Jacaranda requires some additional water when young to help establish

Soil type: It grows well in highland area but drier land also suits.

Pruning: The plants require weeding for approximately the first two years. Young tress must be staked till well rooted.

Water requirements: Jacaranda mimosifolia need regular watering when young for best growth

Pest and problems: Aphids are white soft bodies’ insects that attack this plant on their soft tissue on the new branch, flower and leaf stems. They’re about 1/8 inch long. This type of insects can leave sticky droppings that do substantial damage to the plant. However, these pets could be controlled with a powerful spray from a hosepipe that knocks them towards the ground

Climate: Australia wide.


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