Isolepis Nodosa – Knotted Club Rush

Isolepis Nodosa – Knotted Club Rush

Isolepis nodosa also known as Knotted Club Rush or Knobby Club-rush is rhizomatous recurrent in the family of Cyperaceae, local to New Zealand and Australia. It grows between fifteen and hundred centimeter in tallness. It grows in sandy shore regions close to sea and lakes in South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. This recurrent plant has bunches of dark-green stalks or long sneaking rhizomes. It can grow to a height of thirty to ninety centimeter.  Its stems are cylindrical normally with a small narrowing at both the ends, smooth surfaced as well as about 1.5 to 3 millimeter thick. The flowers are dense rounded form with a jagged pointed leaf ending projecting past the blossom head. It flowers all through the year and the fruits are black and shiny.

Height: 15 to 100 centimeters tall

Uses: It is useful for growing about water features, pools, dams and ponds. It is also productive in containers as well as mass plantings. It also offers habitat regarding water birds.

Planting tips: It should be planted within a well drained soil

Soil type: It is tolerant of most soil kinds and condition. It is also tolerant of saline and coastal soil.

Pruning:  It responds exceeding well to pruning

Water requirement: It requires extremely low maintenance as well as water once established.

Feeding: It should be fertilized in timely manner

Pests and problem:  It doesn’t have any major pet problem.

Climate: Performs very well in South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

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