Iris Germanica – German Iris or Bearded Iris

Iris Germanica – German Iris or Bearded Iris

Iris Germanica is commonly known as German iris, Bearded iris, and Rhizomatous iris.  This is a species within genus iris, which is mentioned as a low maintenance plant. This plant includes different colors of flowers as per climate and types such as: white, yellow, purple, reddish, blue, and pink. Most of this plant flower in spring seasons includes April to June as per the cultivar. This plant is also classified into different segment and kinds as per its use and requirement.

Height:  50-120 cm

Uses:  This kinds of plant mostly used as home or garden in cottage style garden designs.

Planting tips: The suitable time for Iris Germanica planting is considered as June to September. This can allow this plant to get complete establishment before the winter season. In case of container grown plant is suitable within spring time.

Soil type: This plant can perfectly grow in every type of soil but loamy and light soil is more helpful for it.

Aspect: Full sun light is helpful for this plant comfortable growth

Pruning: It is helpful before booming month to keep this plant healthy and offer good production as well.

Water requirement: Regular water required for this plant growth, so you need keep its root area moist or cool.

Feeding: This plant is grown well in most of the garden area but small amounts of fertilizer keep this plant healthy and active to offer better production.

Pests and problems: Regular care and maintenance of its root area keep this plant problem free.

Climate: Now suitable for most of the parts of Australia


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