Helleborous Orientalis – Hellebores

Helleborous Orientalis – Hellebores

Helleborous orientalis makes excellent shrubs for shady locations of the gardens, particularly while established at the base of plants. These are very easy to grow in full or partial shade. There are several different species as well as cultivars to select from. This plant is local to woodlands in Turkey and Greece. It produces dark-green rubbery leaves and each having 7 to 9 fingered leaves. From mid-winter to mid-spring it produce delightful greenish or white cream, sauce shaped blossoms. Then these turn out dark pink with age. Propagate by division or fresh seed in very early spring or autumn.

Height: 40 to 50 cm high

Uses: Can be incorporated in a naturalised location where bunches will steadily spread via self seeding. Can be used as an attractive ground cover as well. Also an attractive flowering plant for the shade.

Planting tips: This plant is best grown in geographically rich, humusy and well drained soil with partial shade to full shade. You should plant it in locations protected from chill winter winds.

Soil type: Does best in well drained and neutral to alkaline soil.

Pruning: Responds very well to pruning.

Water requirement: Moderate watering is required.

Pests and problem: Snails, slugs, leaf spot, aphids and black rot can be a problem.

Climate: Does well in most of the Australian climate.


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