Hedera Canariensis – English Ivy

Hedera Canariensis – English Ivy

Hedera canariensis or English Ivy is an evergreen persisting trailing or climbing woody bush or plant shrub growing twenty to thirty meter high where appropriate surfaces are accessible, and too growing as soil cover where there are no upright surfaces. It mounts by ways of airborne rootlets that adhere to the substrate. However, in warmer climates, this plant grows more quickly as well as becomes established quicker than the associated H. helix and H. hibernica. The leaves of this plant are broad, five to twenty centimeter, seek dark-green in color and a little stringy with one to five lobes, regular in shape and size.

Height: 20 to 30 meter tall

Uses: It is mostly used in floral agreements. Its plant offer dense evergreen shelter.

Plating tips: When looking to plant this shrub you must always seek expert help. They can help you on how to establish this plant in proper manner as well as how to take care of it.

Soil type: Well drained soil is most essential for the better growth of this plant. However, alkaline chalky, moist and acidic soil are also suitable for this plant.

Pruning: The leaves or branches of this tree can grow very quickly, so regular pruning is required to be done.

Water requirement: The plant must be watered thoroughly while soil feels dry. However, you should avoid excess watering.

Pests and problems: Although this plant isn’t very disease prone but care should be taken for the best possible result.

Climate: Australia wide is suitable for this plants growth


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