Hebe ‘Blue Gem’- Commonly Known As ‘Combe Royal’

Hebe ‘Blue Gem’- Commonly Known As ‘Combe Royal’

Hebe ‘Blue Gem’ is an average sized shrub include rounded glossy and large leaves mostly seems in the coastal regions of the world.  This plant is loaded with blue and purple flowers during June and July. Hebe ‘Blue Gem is commonly known as ‘Combe Royal’ and belongs from Plantaginaceae family as well. This evergreen plant is generally used home decoration or garden designing purpose.

Height: one meter and width one meter as well.

Uses: this sort of plant is mostly used as a flowering shrub.

Planting tips: by getting information about the right atmosphere and soil and requirement one can easily gather more planting tips for Hebe ‘Blue Gem’.

Soil type: well draining soils and moist soils are considered as the suitable for the growth of this evergreen plant.

Aspect: Full sun and light shade is suitable for this plant growth.

Pruning: Pruning for Hebe ‘Blue Gem’ can vary as per the size and condition of this plant growth and requirement.

Water requirement: Regular watering during summer is more essential rather than any other time. Keep moisture within planting area is always helps the proper growth this plant.

Feeding: Regular watering and feeding for establishment more important for this plant growth and development

Pests and problems: During cold seasons this plant is required more care because it can get infected with more problem due to pest attack.

Climate: Hebe ‘Blue Gem’ can grow within most of the part of Australia including Sydney as well as many other parts as well.


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