Grevillea poorinda ‘Royal Mantle’

Grevillea poorinda ‘Royal Mantle’ – Creeping Grevillea


‘Poorinda Royal Mantle’ is a ground cover grevillea which is often grafted onto silky oak (Grevillea robusta) understock to form a weeping standard. This is a vigorous, hardy grevillea. It grows best in a full sun position in a light, well-drained soil.

Height: Creeping ground cover growing up to 1.5m wide

Uses: Attractive native ground cover producing an abundance of flowers.

Planting tips: It should be planted within a well drained soil

Soil type: It is tolerant of most soil kinds and condition. It is also tolerant of saline and coastal soil.

Pruning: It responds very well to pruning, especially tip pruning.

Water requirement: It requires very little maintenance and water once established.

Feeding: Fertilise with an Australian Native fertiliser in spring to assist in flower production.

Pests and problem: No major pest problems.

Climate: Performs very well Australia Wide.