Grevillea ‘Honey Gem’- Toothbrush Grevillea

Grevillea ‘Honey Gem’- Toothbrush Grevillea

Grevillea is a varied genus of approximately three hundred sixty groups of evergreen flowering shrubs in the family of protea. Proteaceae can grow local to rainforest as well as more open surroundings in New Caledonia, Indonesia, Sulawesi, New Guinea and Australia.  The genus is ranging from prostrate plants less than fifty centimeter height to trees thirty five centimeters tall. Its common name comprises toothbrush plant, silky oak, spider flower and grevillea.  The intensely colored petal less flowers comprise of a calyx pipe that divides into four lobes with long style.

Height:  Three meter tall

Uses: They’re excellent bird attaching shrubs; honeyeaters in exacting are general visitors. Also they are utilized as food trees by the larvae of few Lepidoptera genuses comprising the Dryandra Moth. The flowers of this plant were traditionally liked amongst the Aborigines for their sweet nectar. A sweet drink can be produced from the nectar of these flowers.

Planting tips:  You should not plant it in a place where water inclines to silt or does not drain away. You should plant it either on a slant within a raised garden bed or in a well drained soil.

Soil type: Prefers well drained soil

Pruning: Many people think that this plant does not require pruning, however it is absolutely wrong. In fact, this plant benefits from continual pruning.

Water requirement:  They don’t like excess watering

Pests and problem: There are few serious pests that can attack this plant.

Climate: Performs really well in most Australian regions.