Gazania Hybrids – Gazania

Gazania Hybrids – Gazania

Gazania Hybrids is one type of South African species blooms during spring or summer and occasionally throughout the year as well. This plant is commonly known as Gazania and belongs from Compositae family. This is a fast evergreen plant mostly used in both indoor and outdoor gardening and landscaping works with low maintenance and care. However, flower colors are varying as per different climatic condition and types of plant. With regular care and feeding this plant can make any surrounding or area more attractive and beautiful.

Height: 0.3m and Width: 0.5m

Uses: This plant is an excellent option for landscaping works in either indoor and outdoor garden or parks. Spectacular bloom on rockeries and coastal like conditions of any regions

Planting tips:  This plant is suitable for planting in any time of a year but bloom well within any proper maintained soils and light.

Soil type: Any kind of well drained soil is suitable for this plant growth. Avoid excess clay and humus soil because it causes fungus problems.

Aspect: Sun or Part Sun helpful for this plant growth and productivity.

Pruning: This is a low maintenance plant but little prune before blooming month boost flowering quality and life as well.

Water requirement: Low water requirements. Medium water in regular basis will give improved results.

Feeding: Small amount of liquid feed can help before blooming or flowering seasons. But excess use of fertiliser can cause damage.

Pests and problems: Fungal problems arise if planted within a poorly drained soil.

Climate:  Australia wide especially coastal areas.


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