Gardenia Augusta ‘Florida’- Florist’s Gardenia

Gardenia Augusta ‘Florida’- Florist’s Gardenia

Gardenia Augusta ‘Florida’ is beautiful evergreen shrub combine silky green foliage and masses of elegantly fragrant and white flowers, which appear mostly in between November to May.  This plant is commonly known as Florist’s Gardenia.  This plant is suitable for different indoor areas such as: garden specimens, balconies, terraces and borders area of home.  This plant is native to subtropical eastern hemisphere like Japan, Taiwan, China, and closer location as well.       

Height: 0.6 to 0.9m

Uses: It is one of the specimen shrub and separate where its beautiful and shape offering an excellent living area and ventilation as well. This plant boosts the value of any building and garden.

Planting tips:  This plant is booming most months of the year especially in cool, temperate, and subtropical regions.

Soil type: well-drained, moist include soil pH within 4.5-6.0 is suitable for this plant growth.

Aspect:  Part shade of sun light within tropical or hot climate in summer and full sun in cooler condition suitable for this plant growth.

Pruning: Before the booming and productions time pruning of dead part or leaf of this tree helps in better growth.

Water requirement: Require to offer more moisture in the soil by regular watering to avoid leaf drop and any sorts of damage of this plant.

Feeding: Regular watering is more essential for the growth of this plant and feeding at the booming time as well.

Pests and problems: Budworm, scale and thrips can sometimes cause more problems for this plant.

Climate: Sydney as well as Melbourne like climate suitable for this plant in Australia.


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