Fraxinus Griffithii – Evergreen Ash

Fraxinus Griffithii – Evergreen Ash

Fraxinus griffithii is commonly known as Evergreen Ash that belongs to the family of Oleaceae. This species is mostly found in South-East Asia. Fruits of this tree are normally pink tinge at the time of mature. It has five to seven leaflets leaves that look green from above and silvery below.

Height: 5-10m at the time of maturity.  Width: 2-3m at maturity.

Uses: Fraxinus griffithii is a lovely shade tree.

Soil type:  Sand, Loam, Clay, Gravel and soil pH with 5.5 to 8.5 is considered as suitable for this plants growth.

Aspect:  Sun and Part Shade required for the ideal growth and flowering. However, hot overhead sun is considered more suitable.

Pruning: Pruning is also essential for the best growth and flower production of this plant as well.

Water Requirements: Regular watering is essential in the time of hot summer and flowering time as well.   

Feeding: Well maintained moisture and clear grass from its trunks till establishment. Balance slow release fertiliser is also required in summer and spring to keep its health and boost flower production. 

Pests: Many types’ of pests can attack its trunks and flowers due to moisture.

Climate: This plant is widely available in most of the regions of Australia including: Perth, South West, South Coast, South East Coast, Great Southern, and Central Wheatbelt.


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