Festuca glauca – Blue Fescue

Festuca glauca – Blue Fescue

Festuca glauca commonly called as blue fescue, is a genus of flowering shrub in the pasture family Poaceae. Its other common names comprise grey fescue, blue mountain grass and blue fescue. Originally explained by French environmentalist Dominique Villars, its technical name glauca is resulting from Latin adjective “pale blue-grey”. These plants are intensively blue and look attractive in every season. Its blooming time is from June to July.

Height: 0.3m high

Uses: This is a compact evergreen grass suitable for container planting and groundcover. This can be used also as an ornamental plant in garden. It is also excellent as ground cover or edging plant.

Planting tips: It can grow easily in average and dry to medium well drained soil. It tolerate light shade however best grow in full sun. Keep in mind that, it’s poor tolerance of wet and poorly drained soil. Powdery mildew, rust, brown patch, leaf spot, ink snow mold, anthracnose and summer bright light could affect plant growth.

Soil type: It prefers a well drained soil

Pruning: Eliminated the old or dead foliage before the new plants growth emerges.

Water requirement: Once established it only requires occasional watering.

Feeding: Prefer light-moderate feed

Pests and problems: Plants are considered as short lived and need recurrent division. Plant flora may decline significantly in scorching, humid summers.

Climate: Grow well in Australian wide.