Eucalyptus ‘Summer Red’- Corymbia

Eucalyptus ‘Summer Red’- Corymbia

Eucalyptus ‘Summer Red’ is a quick growing small tree, which is commonly known as Corymbia or summer beauty.  This plant flowers within summer and occasionally all over the year as climate and care.  Its bright and mass red flowers are making this plant more attractive and popular for garden and park designing works. This plant is belonging from Myrtaceae family and origin of Hybrid between E. ficifo lia and E. ptychocarpa. Summer to autumn is generally considered as its flowering time, which makes its name as summer beauty.

Height:  Five to eight meter and Width: Three to five meter.

Uses:  This plant is considered as an ideal choice for a small flowering tree in a native garden.

Planting tips: Enjoys well drained soil in an open sunny position..

Soil type: This plant is easily grown in any sorts of soil but mostly prefer well drained and organic soil for quick and healthy growth.

Aspect: Full sun light helps this plants growth.

Pruning: Regular pruning helps to keep this plant small and well shaped. This process must perform within autumn, so that it recovers easily flowering in summer and offer good production as well.

Water requirement: Regular watering before complete establishment is more helpful for this plant to stay health and active after that minimal water requires.

Feeding: Slow release of fertilizer within autumn or pruning seasons helps this plant to offer good amount of flower during summer. 

Pests and problems: Nothing of note.

Climate: Australia wide.

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