Eriostemon Myoporoides – Long-leaf Wax Flower

Eriostemon Myoporoides – Long-leaf Wax Flower

Eriostemon myoporoides commonly called as Long-leaf Wax Flower is a plant in the family of Rutaceae.  The genus is widespread to the south eastern Australia. It’s normally up to 2 meters in height and produce creamy flowers in autumn and spring. The genus was 1st formally explained in the year of 1824 by Swiss botanist named as Augustin Pyramus de Candolle who gave this plant the name Eriostemon myoporoides. In 1988 it was transmitted to the species Philotheca. The genus is well adapted to agriculture and plants are commercially accessible at nurseries within Australia.

Height: Two meters in height

Uses: It has great potential to be used as stock plant its flower can be used as great outdoor decoration. Also suited to container as hedge.

Planting tips: It thrives well within an assortment of weathers from sub tropical to cool temperate. They mostly prefer well drained soil in full sun or partial shade. They dislike any kind of root disturbance, so be careful about it.

Soil type: Well drained and rich soil is suitable for this plant growth

Pruning: It could be tip trimmed to support a shaggy habit, but if trimmed to hard they could be sluggish to recover and also could be affected by scale.

Water requirement: It require regular but minimal watering for best growth

Pests and problem: Can be attacked by scale and other pests, so be careful about it and consult with an expert to deal with such problem.

Climate: Grow well in south eastern Australia.