Duranta ‘Sheenas Gold’- Duranta Erecta

Duranta ‘Sheenas Gold’- Duranta Erecta

Duranta is a species of flowering plants within the Verbena family. It comprises seventeen genuses of small trees and shrubs that’re local from southern Florida to South America and Mexico. They’re generally cultivated as ornamental plants and hedges. In fact, this plant makes a great windbreak or hedge, feature plant within a pot or planted as a variety shrub. Tiny blue flowers along with orange berries can be found in the spring. It could be trimmed to whatever shape or height required.

Height: To 1.5m high

Uses: It can be used as ideal windbreak or hedge

Planting tips: It requires full sun light to obtain its stunning golden colored foliage, however grow well within partially shaded region. It can be trimmed to any size as per the requirement. All the foliage have established roots as well as are prepared to plant directly into a bigger pot or your garden.

Soil type: Ordinary soils, mildly acidic, enriched soil to mildly alkaline soil are suitable for this plant growth.

Water requirement: It requires average watering but you should water it regularly to keep them well maintained. Keep in mind to not overwater it.

Pruning:  Sheenas Gold is extremely responsive to frost spoil and must be kept in a sheltered area throughout the colder months. It could be pruned at anytime of the year to any shape.

Pests and problems: Keep it away from frost damage

Climate: Grows well in several parts of Australia


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