Draceana Marginata – Draceana

Draceana Marginata – Draceana

Draceana marginata is an easy growing indoor plant, which is mostly used in home decor and it blooms well in indoor temperature. It is a low maintenance plant now used in most of the parts of world for decorations and many other reasons.

Height:  15 to 20 feet and Spread: 3 to 10 feet area

Uses: This plant is generally used as gardening works including bright and attractive indoor locations within containers.

Planting tips: Planting within the indoor location is not a tough job for this plant for establishment by keeping its root area warm and dry with proper light as well.

Soil type: Loose and well-drained soil with potting mix is suitable for this plant growth.

Aspect: Low and indirect light is more helpful for this plant growth and development.

Pruning: It is a low maintenance plant, so it doesn’t require more care within proper location and facilities.

Water requirement: Medium water and reduce water percentage from the start of winter to end helps this plant for smoother development.

Feeding:  Less feeding before growing season keeps this plant healthy and active for better flowering.    

Pest and problems: No serious disease and insect appear for this plant but need to watchful about spider mites as well as scale. Avoid too dry, too moist within this soil.

Climate: This plant is also considered as native to Australia.


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