Doryanthes Excels – Gymea Lily

Doryanthes Excels – Gymea Lily

Doryanthes excels also called as Gymea Lily, is a blossoming shrub native to the shore regions Sydney and New South Wales. This shrub has sword like leaves which are more than one meter long. Doryanthes excels flowers in summer and spring, sending a blossom point up to six meter high, which at its top bears a massive group of intense red blossoms, each ten centimeters across. In fact, the name Gymea Lilly was derived from a regional Eora dialect. The Sydney fringes of Gymea Bay and Gymea are named following the lily.

Height: three to five meters in height

Uses: Attractive large foliage feature plant. if you are honey lover, then you will definitely like the nectar of its large crimson flowers.

Planting tips: The plant requires to be kept well watered all through the year. Though this plant is frost resistant but the developing flower buds required to be protected from heavy frost

Soil type: Prefers well drained and deep soil with sun or partial shade.

Pruning: It needs very little maintenance with the elimination of any damaged or old flowers and leaves stems.

Water requirement: Should be water thoroughly all through the year

Pests and problem: This plant is seldom attacked by diseases or pests

Climate: Performs well in Australian regions like Sydney