Dietes Grandiflora – Japanese Iris

Dietes Grandiflora – Japanese  Iris

Dietes grandiflora is an evergreen perennial booms clump of lengthy and narrow leaves. This plant is commonly known as Japanese iris, groot wilde-iris Africa and Large wild iris in England. Dietes grandiflora belongs from Perennial category and Iridaceae family as well. South Africa is considered as the main origin of this evergreen plant. Now, this plant is widely used or planting in most of the parts of world regarding decoration and beautiful gardening works.

Height: 1 to 1 and half meter and Width: 1 or less meter.

Uses: This plant is a rapid growing plant that makes it ideal option for use in any sorts of location by offering perfect climate and soil. Marshy places and near streams are considered as well growing area of this plant.

Planting tips: With proper climatic and soil type this plant bloom easily and planting spacing require five per each square meter.

Soil type: There is no specific type of soil required for this plant growth but it growth rapidly in moister area

Aspect: Fun sun or Shade sun area

Pruning: It is required before blooming time like mid spring, late spring and early summer to keep this plant healthy and active.

Water requirement: Regular watering or moister areas are suitable for this plant growth and development. However, excess water should be avoided.

Feeding: Feeding before blooming time is always essential, for keeping this plant healthy and active.

Pest and problems:   This low maintenance plant never face more problems while it boom in right climate and soil.

Climate: Australia wide


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