Dicksonia Antarctica – Tasmanian Tree Fern

Dicksonia Antarctica – Tasmanian Tree Fern

Dicksonia Antarctica is one type of species of evergreen plant fern widely appear most parts of Australia like coastal New South Wales, south-east Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria as well. This plant is called in different names within several regions such as: Tasmanian tree fern, Australian tree fern, soft tree fern, hardy tree fern, and woolly tree fern.  This kind of ornamental plant is belonging from Dicksoniaceae family and most appear within high-rainfall forests.

Height: 5 m and Width: 3 to 4 diameter. However, it is varying as per different climate and soil condition.

Uses:  Dicksonia Antarctica plant is normally considered as ornamental, which in both indoor and outdoor settings looks great.

Planting tips: Regular watering area is needed for this plants growth and development.

Soil type: Well drained and moist soil is more essential for this plant growth and productivity.

Aspect:  Half shade to full shade

Pruning:  Remove dead fronds.

Water requirement: Regular watering is essential for this plants development.

Feeding: Not needed. 

Pests and problems: Dryness cause some damage or problems.

Climate: Suitable for most zones of Australia.