Dianella ‘Silver Streak’- Black Anther Flax-lily

Dianella ‘Silver Streak’- Black Anther Flax-lily

dianella silver streak

Dianella revolute commonly called as black anther flax-lily, blueberry lily, spreading flax-lily or blue flax-lily is extensively distributed inside Australia as well as grows within extremely changeable conditions, mainly in woodland, mallee and sclerophyll forests. Sometimes a prevailing understorey genus, it could form big spreading colonies. However, Dianella revolute is a hairless, erect recurrent aromatic plant with a lifetime of several years. It grows approximately one meter in height as well as has a width up to 1.5 meter. Its leaves are long, leathery and linear, differing in measurement from 1.5 to 8.5 centimeter and width from four to fifteen millimeter. This class blossoms from the spring to summer and also has deep navy to violet inflorescences.

Height: 1 meter in height and 1.5 meter in width

Uses: Ornamental native grass with attractive variegated foliage

Planting tips: It grows well from complete sun to partial shade

Soil type: It performs exceedingly well in moist soil condition. It also performs well in both clay and sand soil.

Pruning: It requires very minimum pruning.

Water requirement: It requires very less water for growing.

Pests and problem: None of note.

Climate: It grows well in Australian region like New South Wales and Queensland.