Dianella Revolute – Blueberry Flax-lily

Dianella Revolute – Blueberry Flax-lily

Dianella Revolute is known as its different names such as: Blueberry Flax-lily, Black-anther Flax-lily, and Spreading Flax-Lily.  This plant belongs to the Hemerocallidaceae family and mostly appears in eastern regions of Australia as well as Tasmania.  This is an evergreen plant blooming in spring and summer season with blue violet flowering as well.

Height: Two to three feet and Width: one to Two feet.

Uses:  This kind of plant is used in home garden and its leaves used to making baskets.

Planting tips: This plant is well grown in any sorts of soils with proper watering and light.

Soil Type: Well drained soil to neutral acidic soil is more helpful for this plant comfortable and quick growth and stay problem free as well. However, sandy and loamy soil helps this plant for quick growth.

Aspect:  Sun or Shade.

Pruning: Remove dead leaves as needed.  

Water requirement: Medium watering in regular basis to keep its root area cool and moist are more helpful for this plant growth.

Feeding: Yearly slow release of fertilizer is required to keep this plant problem free and offers better production as well.   

Pests and problems: None of note.

Climate: Suits most parts of Australia.