Cyathea Cooperii – Cooper’s Tree Fern

Cyathea Cooperii – Cooper’s Tree Fern

Cyathea Cooperii, also called as the Cooper’s tree fern, scaly tree fern, lacy tree fern or Australian tree fern, is a tree branch local to Australia in Queensland and New South Wales. It is medium to big quick growing tree branch, to fifteen meters in height with a twelve inch broad trunk. The top of the stem and unfolding crosiers and mainly appealing, covered as they’re with striking long, glossy, straw colored scales and the crown is extensively broaden and the light-green fronds might arrive at a length of four to six meters.

Height: Up to ten meters

Uses: Grows rapidly when young; best in containers and excellent for that taut spot that has abundance of overhead room and not much garden space.

Planting tips: Within the indoor atmosphere, the key is to offer extremely wet and moist, but gentle conditions. They not like excess heat and can’t abide compost or dry air.

Soil type: They prefer very rich and well drained natural material soil

Water requirement: Water it regularly and never allow it to dried out

Pruning: Prune the dead bottom fronds and defend the inner growth tip, where novel fronds climb in elegant, curling arches.

Pests and problems: Although a wide range pests can attack this plant but the occasionally can cause serious damage.

Climate: It performs very well in Australian region like Queensland and New South Wales.