Cupressus Leightons Green – Leyland Cypress

Cupressus Leightons Green – Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress is a dynamic, fast growing evergreen conifer which eventually creates a deep green and dense conical tree. It possesses a wonderful frequent growing habit reaching ten meters in ten years.

Height: It can grow up to 10m meters within ten years.

Uses: It makes a wonderful windbreak, hedge or screen particularly at coastal or exposed locations.

Planting tips: It should be planted in an open area in well drained soil

Soil type: It can grow well in almost any kind of soil. However, well drained soil is ideal.

Aspect: Full sun

Pruning: Leyland Cypress is widely utilised as a fast growing as well as effective screen or hedge. However, if it is left un-pruned it could get out hand as well as pruning taller hedges could be tough and costly. Pruning of Cupressus Leightons should be performed during spring and summer.

Water requirements: Not much water required for the growth of this plant.

Feeding: A complete slow release fertiliser will improve the growth, but is not necessary..

Pests and problems: Ambeodontus tristis, Two-toothed longhorn, a native softwood borer, Carulaspis minima, Cicadas, large Amphipsalta spp, Planotortrix notophaea blacklegged leafroller.

Climate: It grows very well in the southern Australia region since the climate of this region suits for the growth of the plant very well.


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