Ctenanthe ‘Grey Star’ – Ctenanthe Setosa ‘Grey Star’

Ctenanthe ‘Grey Star’ – Ctenanthe Setosa ‘Grey Star’

Ctenanthe ‘Grey Star’ is a beautiful coloured foliage plant featuring green veins and silvery green leaves. This plant is a part of Ctenanthe genus and scientifically known as Ctenanthe setosa ‘grey star’. This plant is evergreen and house hold plants for decorative purpose.  This plant belongs to the Marantaceae family.  It is a low maintenance plant, so one can get excellent outcome with low care. Early spring is suitable time for growth.

Height: 1 – 1.2m

Uses: This plant is considered as the best indoor decorative purpose to add colors and attraction in desired area. It is required group as well to offer an attractive tropical look.

Planting Tips: Tropical or sub tropical and warm indoor area are considered as the right selection for this planting and helps in proper growth as well.

Soil type: Damp humus rich fairly and fine drained loams include reliable moisture is suitable for this plant growth.

Aspect: shade or semi shade and well protected area like indoor, courtyards and balcony suitable for this plant growth.

Pruning: Prune to take away old leaves as well as stems help this plant for quality and better growth.

Water requirement: After complete growth, watering for this plant require occasionally to keep its growing area moisture and cool as well

Feeding:  Use of feeding process before season helps this plant to keep away from any problems during growth.

Pests and problems: Nails as well as slugs within the garden settings and mealy bug within indoor reasons cause more problem for this plant development.

Climate: Eastern Australia is suitable


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