Cordyline Stricta – Slender Palm Lily

Cordyline Stricta – Slender Palm Lily

Cordyline stricta is generally called as the Narrow-leaved Palm Lily or the Slender Palm Lily. It’s currently positioned within the family Asparagaceae, although other family affiliations could be discovered in older references. However, the other families are Asteliaceae, Lomandraceae, Liliaceae, Agavaceae and Draceaenaceae. Its local range creates a brand from southern boundary of Queensland to Sydney region. It grows well in rainforest as well as wet sclerophyll forest with moist, dark gullies being the favored habitats.

Height: 2 to 5 meters tall

Uses: This plant is planted its garden because of its ornamental foliage value

Planting tips: It should be planted in partial shade area rather than full sun. Most importantly it should be planted in spring season.

Soil type: It grow well in fertilized and well drained soil

Aspect: Outdoor- complete sun to light shadow and Indoor – intense filtered light

Pruning: Little regular pruning is need for such plant. You must remove the dead leaves as well as spend flowers. Following pruning motivate novel growth by an application of impartial fertilizer in spring. Take away dieback or winter spoil just above a novel cut back or sideshoot to a sound point over the trunk.

Water requirement:  Average watering is required for the best growth of this plan. You should water it regularly but no overwater at all.

Pests and problem: Regardless their resilient constitutions, cordylines plant could be affected by several pest and diseases. The leaves, particularly older leaves, could be blemished with rust-like and fungal spots.

Climate: It grows well southern boundary of Queensland to Sydney region in Australia.


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