Cordyline ‘Red Star’ – Red Cordyline

Cordyline ‘Red Star’ – Red Cordyline

Cordyline ‘Red Star’ is generally mentioned as decorative plants mostly found within the garden center. Mostly this plant is referred as Hawaiian Ti trees and Ti plants as most popular indoor plant. Cordyline ‘Red Star’ is botanically known as kor-di-ly-nee. This plant has 15 different types of species and types.

Height: 2 to 3m and Width: 1 to 2m

Uses: This is mostly used as household plants and garden purpose.  It is also used as making paper, baskets and twine.

Planting tips: You must use bright sun light area by avoiding direct sun light area for the better growth of this plant.

Soil type: Good drained potting blend and rich soil suitable for this plant growth.

Aspect: Bright light suitable for this plant growth but direct sun light cause more damage than profit.

Pruning: Pruning is required during the growing seasons and keep this plant away from any pests as well.

Water requirement: After final establishment watering require occasionally apart from regular basis

Feeding:  You need to remove damaged and dead leaves. Also, you need to consider about minimal feeding to avoid any sorts of damage.

Pests and Problems: Keeping the soil moisture is also requires for proper growth and products but excess cause some problems as well.

Climate: Cordyline ‘Red Star’ is considered as native plant to Eastern Australia as well as New Zealand.


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