Cordyline Fruticosa – Cordylines

Cordyline Fruticosa – Cordylines

Cordyline fruticosa is an evergreen plant with a sturdy, normally unbranched stem that could rise up to ten feet tall. Its leaves are thirty to fifty centimeter long, ten to fifteen centimeter wide and might be reddish purple, glossy green or marked with different combinations of white, red, yellow or purple. Mature plants provide reddish or yellowish flowers that’re sweetly perfumed, less than 1.25 centimeters across and bunched in obvious thirty centimeters panicles.

Height: Nine to fifteen feet

Uses: In humid climates it makes an attractive specimen plant, valued mostly for its superb flora. A dramatic foliage plant offering a wide range of vivid foliage colours.

Planting tips: This plant does well in fractional shade to approximately complete sun. It requires more water if planted in full sun.

Soil type: Soil should be very fertile and well drained for the better growth of this plant

Feeding: Cordyline fruticosa has quite normal requirements for nitrogen, phosphorous as well as potassium, thus if you’ve a low-fluoride fertilizer, you could use it more or less as per the label directions.

Water requirement: Medium watering is required

Pruning: Minimal pruning is required when the plant grows

Pests and problems: There are no serious problems of pet attack in this plant. However, mealybugs and scale can be an issue, so you should be careful about it. You can spray pest control to keep away them.

Climate: North Australia Region is very suitable for this plant growth.


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