Cordyline Australis – Cabbage Tree

Cordyline Australis – Cabbage Tree

Cordyline Australis is generally known as cabbage tree, which largely branched monocot plant widespread within New Zealand and closer location as well.  This is a tall plant grown within swampy, coastal, exposed and dry conditions of the world in different habitats and belongs from Dracaenaceae family as well. This plant has fragrant white and creamy flowers with late summer and spring with white blue berries. Its fruit is mentioned as one of the favorite sources of food of New Zealand pigeon as well as several native birds.

Height: 7 to 8m and Width: 2 to 3m

Uses:  This plant is used as a food source especially in South Island where crops cultivation world never happen due to unsuitable condition.

Planting tips: You need to choose a tropical environment and rich and organic soil for the comfortable growth of this plant and better production as well.

Soil types: Suitable pH neutral, acid, alkaline soil types are suitable for the success growth of this plant within outdoor areas. You also need to have well drained soil for proper growth of this plan.

Aspect: Complete sun light is required for better growth.

Pruning: Pruning is essential before production time for comfortable growth and productions.

Water requirement: Low water required in drained soil.

Feeding: It is varied as per the different climatic condition and growth rate of plant.

Pests and problems: Excess water is most avoided to reduce the easy attack of pests and different issues as well.

Climate: Most of regions of Australia suitable for this plant development.


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