Convolvulus Cneorum – Convolvulus

Convolvulus Cneorum – Convolvulus

Convolvulus cneorum is a genus of flowering shrub in the family of Convolvulaceae. However, not like other genus in the class, it’s an evergreen plant instead of a vine, creating a low heap 0.6 to 1.2 meter in height, with a similar width. It generates 2.5 to 4 centimeter diameter blossoms which are white with yellow gorge.  These are generated at the conclusion of the stalks in loose panicles and might nearly completely cover the shrubs. The leaves of this plant are gray green and covered in fine hair, which offers the shrub a silvery look.

Height: 0.6 to 1.5 meter tall and up to 1.5m wide

Uses: It can be a good decorative plant in the garden. Also suitable as an annual.

Planting tips: It can grow very easily in average to medium moisture and well drained soils with full sun. Established plants can tolerate dry soil. Spring/Summer is its blooming time.

Soil type: It prefers poor to moderately fertile soil. Also well drained and gritty soil is essential for better growth.

Pruning: Prune lightly following flowering in order to keep the plant in proper shape. It requires a hair cut every few year while the growth begins to be a bit fast.

Aspect: Full sun.

Water requirement: Low water needs.

Pests and problem: This plant is generally pests and disease free.

Climate: Australian regions like New South Wales suits this plant the most.


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