Codiaeum variegatum – Croton

Codiaeum variegatum – Croton


Codiaeum variegatum – Croton are a group of strongly coloured foliage plants ideally suited to a tropical garden. Crotons add a burst of tropical foliage.

Height: 1-2 meters tall

Uses:  A bold foliage plant ideal for tropical gardens.

Planting tips: This plant does well while kept in filtered light, however it also flourish in full sunlight but needs warm weather to thrive.

Soil type: It likes fertile and well drained soil with moderate moisture

Pruning:  You should prune it in regular interval to keep it in shape and proper condition.

Water requirement: While active growth starts, increase quantity of water slowly and water in abundance throughout the active growth duration, giving adequate to keep the blend thoroughly moist.

Feeding: You should apply usual liquid fertilizer to the established shrubs once each 2 weeks throughout only the active growth period.

Pests and problems: There are several varieties of scale insects can attack this plant, so be cautious about it.

Climate: It grows well in most warm Australian regions.


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