Citrus SPP – Lemon

Citrus spp – Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree. Citrus sinensis grows as small or large shrubs bearing evergreen leaves, and solitary white aromatic flowers. The real prize however is the fruit – lemons!

Height: Approx 2-3m

Uses: An attractive tree with glossy foliage, however it is generally grown for its fruit.

Planting tips: Citrus trees must be planted in a wind-protected and sunny area.

Soil type: Loamy well drained soil

Aspect: Full sun.

Pruning: Pruning as needed to shape.

Water requirements: Regular watering after plantation is essential. After that, water required once or twice a week as per climatic condition. Avoid excess amount of water to keep it healthy and infection free. Use water as per soil types.    

Feeding: Citrus are heavy feeders. Feed regularly with a complete citrus feed as per directions.

Pests & problems: Aphids, Spider Mites, Root or Crown Rots, Fungal Leaf Spots, and Fruit Flies as well.

Climate: Widely cultivated in tropics as well as subtropics regions of the most of the part of the world. Northern Australia and most of the parts of western region are suitable for Citrus spp cultivation.

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