Callistemon Captain Cook – Dwarf Red Bottlebrush

Callistemon Captain Cook – Dwarf Red Bottlebrush

Callistemon Captain Cook is considered as a cultivar of the shrub class Callistemon, extensively grown as a decorative plant. This plant grows 1.5 to two meters in height. It creates a thick, slightly lament shrub. Its leaves are contracted and fifty to sixty millimeter long. A propagation of cherry brushes are generated in spring season, with further blossoming sometimes happening in autumn or late summer.

Height: 1.5 to 2 meter tall

Uses: It can be utilized as a hedge or screen

Planting tips: It is an extremely hardy plant to two meters which adapts to a choice of weathers and to most suited to well-drained soil. It’ll perform its best in full sun.

Soil Type: Though this plant is adaptable to most of the soils but it prefers well composted loam for best growth. Well drained soil is the most essential requirement.

Pruning: You should prune it after blossoming to maintain dense growing habit. You can fertilize it annually. However, you should use the best pruning tool while looking to prune this plant in the best possible manner.

Water requirement: It require very lower amount of water once established.

Feeding: A small quantity of chicken manure or complete shrub foodstuff applied in spring

Pests and problem: There are several types of pests that can attack this plant, so be careful about it.

Climate: Australia wide.