Bromeliads Assorted SSP & CVS – Bromeliads

Bromeliads Assorted SSP & CVS – Bromeliads

BromeliadsFor a long-time Bromeliads were considered as expert or advanced houseplants, more suits for a greenhouse comparing to a normal house. However, the reality is, this plant could be effortlessly adapted to regular house conditions and most sheltered gardens. These are stunning foliage plants with their strappy leaves in green, red, orange, purple, yellow, stripes, spots, banded or other combinations.

Height: 20cm to 1m

Uses: This plant is extensively used as an ornamental plant. It is also used as a sign of generosity all through the Caribbean. The roots of this plant are also utilized as wire-like anchors. It can be used also as a gardening plant in a sheltered position.

Planting tips: Usually, no direct sun light is recommended for this plant. As a greenhouse shrub this plant should be grown within pots. In this regard, the mix should be open as well as drained well.

Soil type:  They should be grown within a fast draining potting soil. A blend of 2/3 peat based soil blend and 1/3 sand is excellent.

Pruning:  Remove dead leaves and flowers

Watering: Though not really a high water use plant, the funnel in the center must always have a pool of water in it.

Pests and problem: Scale is the major pests that can attack this plant. A non-oil scale spray few times a year can help you keep the plant away from such pest attack.

Climate: Responds well in most Australian regions.


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