Bougainvillea SPP – Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea SPP – Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea SPP is commonly known as paper flower or Bougainvillea, which is an evergreen and attractive shrubby vines belong from Nyctaginaceae as well.  This is fast growing plant that basically sits on walls, fences and trellises. Bougainvillea SPP produces bright both single as well as double flowers within entire spring and sometime in winter as well.  This flower plant may be blossoms orange, yellow, pink, red, white and purple as well. This kind of flower plant is basically used to décor wall area of home and park or commercial areas.

Height:   12 m or more but some cultivated types have less height.

Uses: This plant mostly used to create fishing tackle as well as entire spined stems for protective barrier and decorative purpose.

Planting tips: Proper warm area and well drained soil more helpful for this planting and productions in most of the months of a year.

Soil type: Rich loamy and suitable drained soil consider as suitable for this plant growth but it adapts and tolerant within several types of soil.

Aspect: Complete sun light and warm climate

Pruning: This plant requires light feeding 3 times in a year. Minimal trimming require during summer and in winter reduce fertilizer and water more essential for this plant growth.

Water requirement: Normal watering essential for this plant as per different season’s requirement. Special care required at the time of booming.

Feeding:  Light feeding three times in a year helps this plant for proper booming

Pests and problems: Problems may arise during booming due to less or excess watering or care.

Climate: Bright sunny areas Australia wide


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