Blechnum ‘Silver Lady’ – Silver Lady Fern

Blechnum ‘Silver Lady’ – Silver Lady Fern

Blechnum is a species of between one hundred fifty to two hundred species of ferns with a mixed distribution, within the family Blechnaceae. Most of them are herbaceous plants; however few classes are tree fern with stalks up to three meters tall. Blechnum differs from most trees having a division of sterile and productive fronds in the similar plant.

Height: Up to 1 meter tall

Uses: This makes an excellent ground cover plant. And is a great addition for the fernery or shaded garden bed..

Planting tips: It doesn’t like to dry, so keep watering it regularly.

Soil type: It prefers a rich potting soil that drains wonderfully and at the same time retains water. However, it also grown well in well drained and acidic soil.

Pruning: Remove dead fronds

Water requirement: Require good amount of water for best growth.

Pests and problems: This plant is prone to pests like aphids which could be controlled by wiping out the fronds with a moist cloth.

Climate: All the Australian regions with moist climates suit this plant growth.


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