Blechnum Nudum – Fishbone Water Fern

Blechnum Nudum – Fishbone Water Fern

Blechnum nudum is one of the trunked, delightful, and evergreen fern plant mostly appears within moist area of Eastern Australia rainforest. This plant is commonly known as fishbone water fern and belongs from Blechnaceae family. This plant can rapidly grow within good watering area. Now, this plant is used as outstanding and easy accent option for shaded, garden and in pot of residential area for better décor and attraction. Within ideal climate this plant blooms well in both height and width apart from any other area.

Height: 0.5 to 1 meter and Width: 0.5 to 1 meter

Uses: This kind of plant is mostly used in different gardening related works likes sheltered gullies, beside water areas and ferneries. However, this plant must stay away from hot sum as well as drying winds when it is in container.

Planting tips: Avoid excess hot or sun light area and choose proper watering area is more helpful for this plant healthy growth and legibility.

Soil type: Moist and boggy heavy soil is more helpful for this plant for wildly bloom.

Aspect: Full sun to half shared

Pruning: Full sun light is suitable for this plant with proper amount of water. However, removal of the old fronds during spring can kept this plant healthy and green.

Water requirement: Medium water in shared and regular or good amount of water requires in full sun area.

Feeding: Less or minimal feeding requires.

Pests and problems: Extreme or hot sun light with less water can cause some problems for this plant.

Climate: Most parts of Australia.


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