Banksia Spinulosa – Hairpin Banksia

Banksia Spinulosa – Hairpin Banksia

Banksia spinulosa is commonly known as Hairpin Banksia, which is mentioned as one type of species of the woody shrub and native to eastern regions of Australia. This plant is widely developed open dry forest as well as heathland regions including Victoria and northern Queensland. Growth of this plant is varying as per different area and regions of the world, so it appear in different height and width. However, colors of its leaves are also differing as per different climate condition and soils.

Height: Two to six meters as per different climatic conditions.

Uses: This plant is basically used as decorative and borders purpose within coastal garden and other as well. This is also offering mass amount of flowers in cooler months and make its surrounding attractive and healthy.

Planting tips: Sub tropical climates and temperatures are most suitable for this plants growth and development.

Soil type: Well drained soils include clay, sand and loam are suitable choice for this plant growth and development. This soil is also having pH from 4.5 to 6.5 for healthy growth of this plant.

Aspect: Banksia spinulosa grows well in full sun areas.

Pruning: Remove damaged flower and leaves helpful for this plant for smoother growth. Also, pruning before blooming months helps this plant comfortably grow.

Water requirement: Regular watering is essential for the time of complete establishment otherwise low amount of water required for it.

Feeding: Instant feed with slow and less power phosphorus fertilizer release is more helpful for this plant complete establishment and iron require while leaves turning into yellow.

Pests and problems: Little to no problems

Climate: Most parts of Australia.