Banksia Serrata – Saw Banksias and Old Man Banksias

Banksia Serrata – Old Man Banksia

Banksia serrata is commonly known as its different names such as: saw banksia, old man banksia, red honeysuckle and saw-tooth banksias as well. This plant is one of species of woody tree as well as shrubs and belongs from Proteaceae family. This plant is also native to east coast regions Australia include Queensland, Victoria, Flinders Island and Tasmania. This tree has serrated deep green leaves and big greyish-yellow or yellow flower spikes, which makes it popular choice for decoration.

Height:  15 m and it vary as per different regions and forms of this plant.

Uses: Attractive native tree. This plant is used as a good food source for animals within this region during winter and autumn months.

Planting tips: Well drained sunny position.

Soil type:  Well drained sandy soil is more helpful for this plants healthy growth.

Aspect: Full sun light is required for this plants smooth development.

Pruning: Banksia serrata is well developed and large tree, so regular or yearly cutting helps to keep it in right shape and attractive.

Water requirement: Regular water is essential for this plant till its complete establishment.

Feeding: No or less feeding required after its complete establishment.

Pests and problems: Few problems arises while this tree gets proper care and feeding.

Climate:  Widely developed in most parts of Australia.